Brand idea of “Rohi Somon”

The company “Rohi Somon” was named in honor of the founder of the first Tajik state – Ismoil Somoni, in the epoch of his rule, the highest achievements in the field of development of the economy, culture, social sphere and public administration were achieved.

“Rohi Somon” is a bright way of our ancestors, a trajectory aimed at the development of Tajikistan, through successful and responsible doing business in various sectors of economy.

Logo of “Rohi Somon” symbolizes Ismoil Somoni, the founder of the Tajik state on a mighty horse, striving for new achievements for the prosperity of the country.

Founder: Nuriddin Khusainov

Vision and values

    • “Rohi Somon” is a dynamically developing, socially responsible, trading company, a leader in all areas of its activities.
    • We work on an honest, transparent and long-term basis with our partners and clients all over the world, for the benefit of Tajikistan’s prosperity.

Our values and principles

  • Respectful attitude to partners and clients
  • Laws compliance, conformance to state and corporate standards
  • Creativity, openness, amiability, commitment to development and cooperation
    Teamwork, effectiveness, high quality in all
  • Transparency of activity, fulfillment of business obligations to partners and clients, mutually beneficial cooperation
  • Social responsibility to society and respect to traditions of people