Social responsibility

From the beginning of the foundation, the company develops its business taking into account the social responsibility to the society, with the priorities of the nationwide development of Tajikistan.

The company contributes to the social and economic development of society through payments to the budget, charity and the implementation of social projects.

Also, the company “Rohi Somon” pays special attention to the issues of employee health, safety and environmental protection.

Payments to budget

The company “Rohi Somon” is one of the largest taxpayers in the country. For 2012-2017 years, the company paid to the budget 235.5 million somoni or 41.2 million USD in the form of tax, customs and other payments. From year to year, with the growth of size of business, the company’s payments to the budget dynamically increased.

Charity, contribution to the development of society

The company pays considerable attention to charity, supports public and national initiatives.

The company provides systematic material assistance to support vulnerable segments of the population – poor families, disabled people, elderly people and orphans, and helps needy persons in medical care.

The company supports the initiatives of its partners on development – local authorities, public, state and international organizations, with which it implements dozens of projects in the development and support of sports, health, education, public amenities and access to clean water.

In cooperation with our partner – the network of medical clinics “Lukmoni Hakim” the company helps the vulnerable people to get high-quality medical services.

“Rohi Somon” supports the UN General Assembly resolution entitled “The International Decade for Action” Water for Sustainable Development, 2018-2028 “, which was first put forward by the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, the Leader of the Nation, Emomali Rahmon during the 7th World Water Forum. So, in 2017, the company together with the local authorities of Khatlon region, implemented a project on access of the population to clean water in the village of Gulobod, Abdi Avazov jamoat of Vose district.

Also, the company permanently supports city and regional sporting events in boxing among children and teenagers. In particular, “Rohi Somon” assists in carrying an annual international boxing tournament dedicated to the memory of Master of Sports of the USSR – Maruf Khusainov.

Our partners on charity and development activities:

  • Ministry of Education and Science of Tajikistan
  • Ministry of Defense of Tajikistan
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan
  • Local government bodies
  • Department for Youth, Sports and Tourism in Sughd region
  • State organization “School of Olympic Preparation of Khujand”
  • State organization “Old People’s Home of Khujand”
  • State organization “Care home for the elderly and the disabled – Dehmai”in the district of Jabbor Rasulov”
  • “Baby home of Khujand”
  • Red Crescent Tajikistan
  • The network of medical clinics “Lukmoni Hakim”
  • Non-governmental general educational school “Gymnasium Safina”
  • The crisis center for women “Gulrukhsor”
  • Public organizations – “Siparoni Vatan”, “Numui Saihun”, etc.

Educational project

Non-governmental general educational school “Gymnasium Safina” with in-depth study of the German language is one of the social projects of “Rohi Somon”. “Gymnasium Safina” was opened in 2010 in B. Gafurov district of Sughd region of the Republic of Tajikistan and provides students with a high quality modern education. The school is designed for 500 students, it employs 41 highly qualified teachers, leading the main subjects.

A significant part of the pupils of the gymnasium is gifted children and children from poor families, orphans, who study free of charge or on a preferential basis.

The gymnasium has the entire necessary infrastructure. There are 10 subject classrooms, 2 classes on technology, a computer class, 2 laboratories (chemistry, physics), a library, a canteen for 180 seats and two sports grounds (volleyball, football, basketball). There is a centralized heating system.

Students learn subjects mainly in Russian language, with an obligatory program of education of the state language, and study German language in depth.

“Gymnasium Safina” cooperates with SFA (joint educational services abroad). Graduates of gymnasium can receive certificates of a degree B1 and C1, which are recognized for admission to colleges and universities in Germany.

“Gymnasium Safina” closely collaborates with the German school Gesamtschule Trier (, which is located in Trier, Germany. Every two years the school exchanges students to get acquainted with the cities, customs and traditions of each other. Every year from Germany, practicing teachers are invited to work together in the gymnasium. Currently, 21 graduates of the school “Gymnasium Safina” are studying in colleges and universities of Germany.

Among graduates of the school, many students received gold medal.

A large number of students of the “Gymnasium Safina” are winners in regional and republican subject Olympiads.

Address of “Gymnasium Safina”: Republic of Tajikistan, Sughd region, B.Gafurov district, Jamoat Yova, Pakhtakor str. 8, phone: +992 92 733 18 88