Network of petrol stations

Along with the development of wholesale supplies of petroleum products, the company “Rohi Somon” actively develops retail sale of petroleum products through its own network of petrol stations under the brand “Rohi Somon”.

Currently, in the territory of Sughd region of Tajikistan, there are 6 petrol stations, another one is being prepared for operation, another three are under construction. The company’s petrol stations built using advanced technological solutions and meet to the requirements of international standards. The company owns 11 sites, where “Rohi Somon” plans to build gas stations in the period 2018-2022. The total volume of fuel storage tanks at “Rohi Somon” petrol stations is more than 6500 m3.

At petrol stations of “Rohi Somon», customers are offered fuel of all kinds – petrol, liquefied gas and diesel fuel, the necessary fuel stock of the most popular brands is constantly maintained

The selling products undergo laboratory control at the stages of delivery, transportation, storage and are then allowed to be sold. The fuel supplied from the leading manufacturers of Russia and Kazakhstan meets the quality standards, positively influences the performance of the engine. Since November 2016 in the network of petrol stations “Rohi Somon”, sale of brand diesel fuel EKTO has begun, which improves operational and environmental properties.

At petrol station of “Rohi Somon” special attention is paid to the maintenance of high corporate standards of service, which are modified to compliance with the world standards of reliability, safety and aesthetics. The petrol stations have a convenient location, entrances and exits, an automated system of accounting has been introduced, customers have the opportunity to make payments through bankcards, the territory of petrol stations is well equipped, and the services of minimarkets, auto chemistry, service stations, etc. are provided.

Due to a good service, affordable prices and quality of fuel, the clientele of the company is dynamically increasing both among the population and among corporate clients.

The following kinds of motor fuel are offered in the network of “Rohi Somon” petrol station:
• Automobile petrol AI-92-К5-Euro;
• Automobile petrol AI-95-К5-Euro;
• Diesel fuel
• Diesel fuel EKTO
• Liquefied gas

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