Supply of petroleum products

The division of wholesale supplies of petroleum products is one of the perspective directions of the company “Rohi Somon”. The company began to develop this activity since May 2017 based on its own network of petrol stations.

In a short time, organizing direct supplies of high-quality petroleum products from Russia’s leading oil refineries, such as the “Orsk Oil Refinery”, “Forte Invest” and others, the company Rohi Somon became one of the largest suppliers of fuel and lubricants in Tajikistan. The market share of the company in 2017 was about 8% and is among the top three. In the near future, the company plans to significantly increase the amount of fuel.

Due to the company’s professional sales staff, the daily analysis of the wholesale and retail sales of fuel and lubricants, the correct price and assortment strategy, “Rohi Somon” was able to create a stable client base from the leading petrol stations, large enterprises and organizations throughout of Tajikistan.

For doing successful business, “Rohi Somon” has the entire necessary infrastructure. The total capacity of oil storage depots for storing petroleum products and liquefied gas is 5.0 thousand tons, new storage facilities are under construction. The company has four units of specialized vehicles for transportation of petroleum products. All delivered oil products undergo laboratory quality control.

The company is open to proposals on the supply of petroleum products to Tajikistan and is ready to re-export oil products to the neighboring countries.