Supply of grain crops

Supply of wheat

One of the main activities of “Rohi Somon” is the supply of wheat. The company “Rohi Somon” makes a significant contribution to the country’s food security of country, providing its customers with high quality wheat.

The company works on a long-term basis with leading wheat suppliers from Kazakhstan, such as “APK-Invest Corporation”, “Alibi Agro”, “KazExportAstyk”, “JV Dan”, “Logos grain”, “Olzha Trade House”,  “Mizami Trade”, “Grain Service”, “Agro Union Zolotaya Niva”, “Bolekagro”, “AIC-INVEST”, “Toshkent Don Makhsulotlari” (Uzbekistan).

The company has a stable client base of customers and is one of the leading participants of the grain market in Tajikistan. Correct strategy of purchasing wheat and skillful work of the company’s personnel allowed increasing the market share of the company from 12.9% in 2015 to 19.9% in 2017. The company “Rohi Somon” has a high reputation in the wheat market, known to customers as a reliable supplier of quality wheat. The company plans to significantly increase the supply of wheat.

For the supply of wheat, storage and sale all conditions are created in company. There are grain storage elevators with a capacity of 11,000 tons of grain, equipped with high-precision equipment, which allows maintaining the necessary level of temperature and humidity, a railway branch, a laboratory, a weighing zone and other necessary infrastructure.

The company at the request of customers is ready to supply grain to neighboring countries on favorable terms for the client.

Supply of rice

Rice is the main component of the national dishes of the Tajiks. Taking this into account, since 2016 the company “Rohi Somon” began to supply high-quality rice to the food market of Tajikistan from the leading manufacturers of Kazakhstan and Russia.

The geography of rice supply of the company covers the whole territory of Tajikistan, the wholesale supply of rice is carried out through its own distribution network.

The company’s suppliers are leading rice producers such as “Abzal and Company”, “Nai Mir”, “RZA-AGRO” (Kazakhstan) and “Agrofirma Privolye” (Russia). We supply the following varieties of rice: Kamolino, Osman, Rapan, Regul, Leader and Yantar, which are grown in ecologically clean regions of Russia and Kazakhstan with strict observance of all technology requirements. Quality of products complies with international standards ISO 9001-2009 and HACCP.