Distribution of foodstuffs

The food distribution division of the company “Rohi Somon” has been successfully operating in the Tajik market. It is one of the leading distributors of food products and consumer goods.

Thanks to partners and specialists in the fields of import, sales and distribution of food products, the company was able to build its own competitive distribution network with a solid client base throughout Tajikistan.

To the foodstuff market of Tajikistan, “Rohi Somon” supplies vegetable oil, sugar, cereals, pasta, juices, drinks, confectionery, bananas and other food at affordable prices from leading foreign manufacturers and suppliers. The quality of products meets international food safety standards. The company has exclusive rights for the sale of food products.

“Rohi Somon” cooperates with more than 20 famous world and regional companies, such as DON CARLOS FRUIT S.A. DONFRUIT (Ecuador) – supplier of bananas; “Yug Rusi” and “Kristall” oil refinery (Russia), trademarks “Avedov”, “Zlato”, “Russkoe maslo” – manufacturers of vegetable oils; “Slutski Sugar Refinery plant” (Belarus), “Astarta-Kiev” (Ukraine) and the “Prodimex” Group (Russia) – producers of sugar; Aqua Life (Uzbekistan), brand “NAPITKI IZ CHERNOGOLOVKI” and “InterSok” (Uzbekistan) – suppliers of soft drinks. The product of “InterSok”, which produces juices from natural fruits under the brands “SOCHNAYA DOLINA”, “VICO”, “PROSTO SOK” and “AP”, is widely popular among the population of Tajikistan.

The company “Rohi Somon” systematically studies the needs of the food market, with this in mind, updates assortment and introduces new products and brands.

The company is open to offers, establishing contacts with new producers, partners and food suppliers for mutually beneficial long-term cooperation.